Image of Daniel Cushing

Daniel Cushing PhD

Chief Technology & Development Officer

Dan is responsible for product development at Carisma Therapeutics. He has over 25 years of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry experience, including discovery research, drug development, medical affairs, and regulatory affairs. Over his career, Dan has led the development and registration of several products and launched multiple products that still enjoy success in the market.

Previously, Dan served as Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President, Research and Development of Nuron Biotech Inc. and as Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President, Drug Development, Medical and Regulatory Affairs of Prism Pharmaceuticals. Earlier in his career, Dan worked at Pfizer, Merck, and Astra Merck and AstraZeneca, where he held senior positions in medical and regulatory affairs.

Dan holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and is a Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology.